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New body to police estate and lettings agents, taking over from NTSEAT

A new team has been set up to police all estate and letting agency legislation including the upcoming tenants' fees ban.

The new organisation expands on the old National Trading Standards Estate Agency Team remit.

It’s been announced this afternoon that the new enforcement team, led by National Trading Standards, will provide “a single combined enforcement function to protect consumers and legitimate businesses in the property sector.” 


It brings together new letting agency enforcement work with the existing regulation of estate agents, which has previously been operated by the NTSEAT.

Today’s statement says that, funded by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government, the National Trading Standards Estate & Letting Agency Team will act as the lead enforcement authority for the purposes of the Estate Agents Act 1979 and the Tenant Fees Act 2019. 

Letting agency regulation (covering England) will be led by Bristol City Council and estate agency enforcement (across the UK) will continue to be operated from Powys County Council. 

The team will work closely with local authorities who have local enforcement responsibilities.

The team is primarily responsible for the regulation of estate agency work in the UK and letting agency work in England, specifically:

- overseeing the operation of relevant estate and letting agency legislation;

- issuing prohibition and formal warning orders to those found unfit to engage in estate agency work in the UK;

- approving & overseeing the UK’s consumer redress schemes, Ombudsmen, and Alternative Dispute Resolution entities in the estate agency sector; and 

- issuing guidance and advice for the public, businesses and enforcement authorities on estate agency work in the UK and relevant letting agency work in England.



“Bringing the two functions - lead enforcement authority for estate agency work and lead enforcement authority for lettings agency work - under one team will mean there is a single point of contact for enforcement work in this area. This single team approach will help us uphold consumers’ rights and enforce the law” explains James Munro, now named as Head of National Trading Standards Estate and Letting Agency Team, expanding his previous role.

And Housing Minister Heather Wheeler MP adds: “We are determined to make the private rented sector a fairer, more accessible market that works for all and I am delighted that local authorities will now be able to access the best advice and information from this new team. There is no place for unfair fees – now, with this new enforcement authority, we will be able to stamp them out.”

Finally councillor Steve Pearce, Bristol City Council cabinet member with responsibility for regulatory services, says of his authority’s new role: “We are delighted to be hosting this new function and playing our part in delivering a solution that combines both regulatory functions into a joint team that will provide a single coherent regulatory voice and help secure regulatory compliance for consumers. This places us at the heart of influencing the government policy to help enhance consumer protection.”

Additional information is also available on the team’s new website: www.ntselat.uk.

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  • James B

    Suppose it creates a few more jobs for the jobsworths

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    “We are determined to make the private rented sector a fairer, more accessible market that works for all....except for landlords who we intend to legislate and tax out of the market"


    Hit the Nail on the head

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    There wont be many rental properties for agents to offer soon - as A landlord myself I am already selling up - this TORY trash have gone completely over the top - and TRASHED the business for landlords

    Talk abut sledgehammer to crack a nut - idiots they are - and thats without even using the B word! (Brex.T)


    The governments intention is to deter landlords from owing multiple properties.

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    So a tenancy that is about to finish at the end of June 2019 yet the tenants which to stay on( would be their 3rd year) should they start a New Tenancy with NO Charge and Deposit reduced to 5 Weeks Max? The agent is asking for a £90 re sign up fee. Suggested Statutory Period at No Charge but would really like comfort of another 12 months min.
    Whats the best way with NO Charge to tenant who has been in property for 2 years always paid rent on time, always had more than Good Inspections.

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    It's the private Landlords that will need policing most over the coming year or two. Many will self manage, continue to bully their Tenants and continue to provide sub standard accommodation. In general pretty much all agents Agents already police themselves and are compliant aware.
    Missing the point on where to concentrate here. Not the first time!

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    JL sorry but you are so far off the truth.
    No no no!
    Yes many of us do self manage in order to keep rents down, first point.
    Many of us Inspect OUR properties every 2 or 3 months for the tenants benefit as well as OUR tenant, second point. Any property problems not caused by the tenant are dealt with within 24 hours and that will include a Replacement New boiler.
    Many of us have not increased the rents for several years because we like to keep Our good tenants, third point.
    We only evict if tenant does not pay us every month on Due Date, is antisocial to our neighbours or Our property, is a drug user. Done it 4 times in over 30 years, forth point.
    See you said you are "missing the point of where to concentrate and it is not the first time", well suggest you get your full facts correct before you spout of with stupid remarks. Back them up with Clear evidence that Professional LLs that "its the private Landlords that will need policing over the coming year or two"
    Being a professional LL means you have to concentrate 100%, 100% of the time 365 days of the year, yes Christmas day as well. Mobile is never turned off, even when abroad.

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    It’s jobs for those that can’t do it so they teach it, it’s their way of appeasing their small minds and having no cajonas


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