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Guild claims highest market share and targets big rise in membership

The Guild of Property Professionals says its network of over 800 independent estate agents across the UK has, collectively, the highest market share of new instructions coming to the market so far this year.

Citing data collected by independent statistics consultancy Twenty EA, the Guild says it has 5.17 per cent of the new instructions in the UK between January 1 and March 7 inclusive - the next highest agency brand is 3.98 per cent.

The Guild also claims the highest market share percentage on exchanges in the UK at 5.55 per cent - higher than any of the top 10 estate agency brands. 


“Over the past few years The Guild has seen substantial growth and expansion. As a result, its representation of the current market share of instructions has also grown” explains Iain McKenzie, The Guild’s chief executive officer. 

“These outstanding statistics are a testament to the calibre of our membership. We are very select in whom we have as members and always ensure that The Guild representative in the region is one of the best agents in the area” says McKenzie.

“Our vision is to continue to expand with sights set on regions that currently do not have a Guild member. Essentially, a larger network and more listings mean more choice for consumers. Our goal is to have around 1,100 Members to offer full comprehensive coverage in the UK, making sure they are the best fit in relation to The Guild’s core values.

“Homeowners want to know that they are listing one of their largest financial assets with an agent who has the expertise and resources to attain the optimum outcome. A strong independent agent with the backup of a large national network.”

He says his objective is not only to maintain a a level of professionalism and integrity within a sector that is yet to be licensed, but also to become “the benchmark of professionalism within the industry, and the consumer’s first choice when looking to buy or sell a property.”

  • adrian black

    Affinity or promoting group models are a really interesting area in the industry at the moment and in some regards I would include the local and regional hubs and also franchises in that group too - who can provide best brand enrichment, training and technology ? Technology is the area that I think will make an ever increasing and critical value adding element.


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