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Free-to-list portals claim 1,200 agents on board in just four weeks

Two free-to-list portals launched last month in the UK say they have 1,200 agents and 50,000 listed properties on board in just two weeks.

The portals, called Residential People and Commercial People, are operated by a company which is also called Commercial People.

The residential site carries a range of PropTech features - for example, automatic PDF and microsite generation facilities as well as a real-time video generator - and is aiming at estate agents, landlords and ancillary service providers. 


A statement from the company says the portals have succeeded in penetrating “the over-saturated property market”.

Co-director Christopher May says: “The hard work has just begun but we are overjoyed with the positive response from agents so far. Most of the agents that have contacted us, see us as a valuable addition to their online presence and we are honoured that they can see the value we are adding to the industry."

He adds: “We will continue to liaise and work with agents in order to bring in innovations that we believe will fundamentally change the market.” 

The sites already operates in South Africa and the United Arab Emirates as well as the UK, and say they are “just weeks away” from launching in India and Nigeria.

The portals will also launch in China later this year.

  • Simon Bradbury


  • Lenny White

    I wonder how many of those 1,200 read the Privacy Policy of Residential People... "The countries we disclose data information to....UK India Nigeria South Africa United Arab Emirates" Really? Why?

  • icon

    We've been using it since EATs last article on RP and have received a few enquiries. At the end of the day... it is free... we'll take it.


    Free doesn't necessarily mean beneficial. Ever thought why it's free?


    @property pundit - 'free doesn't necessarily mean beneficial' - you're correct. However, you might have heard of the saying 'you don't try - you don't get' I would consider myself an early adopter, so its projects like these that interest me especially when there's no charge.

    I spent 5 mins on the phone speaking to their office, my feed is now live. It's a no brainer for me but each to their own.



    @Sam West Yeah, let's keep giving our data away for the benefit of having a presence on some obscure website.

  • Christopher May

    Thanks Sam with agents like yourself we will continue to grow into the biggest free to list property portal.

    Sam Samuel

    How comes we haven't heard about this before now?

    Free exposure can't be a bad thing. Anyway I have registered my firms details, let's see...

  • Christopher May

    Hi Sam many thanks for your support. We aim to portray your business in the best possible light and Im glad you appreciate that with advertising it is all about getting as much online exposure as possible . It can never be a bad thing especially in this day and age . Any questions feel free to call our help line.


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