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Domestic abuse: estate agents advised on how to spot the signs

Police are advising estate agents on how to spot the signs of domestic abuse.

The Safer Lincolnshire Partnership’s #cutitout campaign will include an awareness event in February to give agents and some other professionals the tools to know what to do if they suspect a client is in trouble. 

Jade Sullivan, domestic abuse coordinator at the Safer Lincolnshire Partnership, says: “We know the relationship between these professionals and their clients is often close and they can potentially help spot the signs of abuse that others might not see.


"Survivors have told us they have made visits to estate agents and have trusted them with their plans to try to break free from abuse.

"These professionals are experienced listeners, personally interested in the lives of those around them. Clients tend to feel comfortable talking to them and confiding in them.

"With this in mind, we want to give them the information and confidence they need, to help support their clients and give them options where possible."

Professionals who attend the event will be helped to spot the signs of domestic abuse, particularly the more subtle elements of coercion and control.

They will also be given advice on how to support clients, what to say, what to avoid saying, and what other support is available locally and nationally.

The #cutitout campaign originated in Norwich following a tragic murder. In 2017, weeks after confiding in her hairdresser, Kerri McAuley was killed by her abusive boyfriend. At a hair appointment three weeks before her death, Kerri confessed to her hairdresser that she feared for her safety, telling her ‘I know he’s going to kill me’.”

  • Velgram Quaid

    Is this a spoof article?

  • icon

    They will want us to be marriage guidance councillors next.

  • Andrew Stanton PROPTECH-PR A Consultancy for Proptech Founders

    No Velgram, no spoof, often agents are placed in the centre of domestic situations, and a sympathetic and professional approach often at a time that is critical, helps those most in need. Despite all of the pantomime vitriol aimed at agents, it is well known within the industry that the caring and listening side of our industry often fills the gaps in helping people who are at crisis point.

    We deal with all types of situations, but hatched, matched and dispatched, are key areas, and the protagonists caught up in these life changing events I have found are grateful for the support and quiet words and helpful advice we give, especially those who are isolated, frightened and vulnerable.


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