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New Countrywide board member is another with link to Tesco

Countrywide has named Amanda Rendle as a new independent non-executive director of the estate agency group; she joined the board yesterday.

Rendle has over 30 years of marketing and communications experience numerous sectors including financial services and professional services; she has previously worked also at Barclays Bank  and HSBC as well as working through her own consultancy described as focussing “on customer experience.” 

Amongst her existing business activities is a non-executive directorship at Tesco Bank. 


Last week the agency group announced that its new chief operating officer, starting next month, would be Bruce Marsh, a former Tesco finance director who will report to Countrywide’s group managing director Paul Creffield.

Former Countrywide chief executive Alison Platt - who resigned from the role in January 2018 - is herself a non-executive director sitting on the board of Tesco PLC, a role she took up while still running the agency group and which she continues in today.

Commenting on Amanda Rendle’s appointment, Peter Long, Countrywide’s executive chairman says: "I am delighted to welcome Amanda to the board of Countrywide PLC. She brings a wealth of experience from a business career that spans financial and professional services. Her particular experience in marketing and her broad commercial skills and experience will complement the board.”

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    With absolutely no experience in estate agency. Another fat cat to join the others and sit in their ivory towers thinking they know what they are doing! Next they will be encouraging us to up sell fruit and veg!

  • Andrew Stanton PROPTECH-PR A Consultancy for Proptech Founders

    Actually Amanda Rendle's background may well be useful, with a past including HSB, Masthaven Bank? (yes the experimental one) and currently a non-exec of The Royal Mint and Keep Britain Tidy, she may have access to copious funds - which CW desperately need, and if there is a rout, then at laest she can help clean up the mess.

    It does astound me why the strategy at the top is - get someone from the outside of the industry to solve our problems and calm the stock market - Alison Platt - prime candidate - property industry knowledge zero - MD of Bupa - that was a good fit.

    Here is a suggestion - why doesn't CW put together a 'think tank' (I know very 1960's) of estate agents - and move the company forward that way. Where can they find these calibre of people with industry knowledge? - well - there are thousands of them in their business and if the look at the people they 'let go' in the past 60 months there is probably enough top talent there to make a start.

    My thoughts - share price will implode in Spring 2020, when CW looks for another life saving injection of cash, and then piece by piece CW will be sold off. Thoughts?


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