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Social media coup as agency launches its own YouTube TV show

London agency Benjamin Stevens has made a lifestyle-focused viral ‘TV show’ for YouTube viewers.

The agency has called it North London TV and has interviewed independent businesses as well as providing ‘on air’ local area guides and property advice.

There are four episodes per month.


Devised and hosted by agency director Steve Wayne and marketing director Rosanne Oppenheimer, the programme does not contain any explicit name-check for the agency itself.

Instead the firm believes an agency can increase business by publicising and promoting the areas that it covers above the properties themselves. 

“We can see people are being attracted to move into the North London area and equally people who are already living here are being dissuaded from moving away” says Wayne.

And Oppenheimer adds: “Our aim with producing North London TV is to inadvertently make Benjamin Stevens stand out from the crowd and at the same time champion the North London area. Steve and I were both born, grew up in, and now raise our own families in North London. We know the area both personally and professionally. It’s a great place to live, a sound place to invest in and this is the key message we are trying to get across to our audience”.

With a team of nearly 40 members of staff, Steve is still not afraid to pick up a phone and do business. His philosophy has always been that Estate Agency is a ‘people’s business’. Steve says “Anyone can learn how to sell or rent a property, but it’s how you treat your clients and the service you provide them with, that generates sales”.

You can see one episode below.

  • Chris Arnold

    A perfect example of how to stand out as an estate agency. Building awareness, credibility and trust through 'relationship distribution.' Compare that to the imbecilic door-knocking touted by Russell Quirk that simply damages reputation.
    It takes more effort to produce this brilliant marketing than most are willing to input, but the end result is that you own a media company that is worth something on the balance sheet.


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