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Agency allows clients to track precise whereabouts of agents

An estate agency says it has produced technology allowing clients to track the precise whereabouts of their estate agent when he or she is on their way to a viewing.

Allsopp & Allsopp, based in Warwickshire and the West Midlands, says the technology goes on to allow buyers and tenants to make an offer on a property at any time of day without having to make a phone call, with the offer informationautomatically fed back to the seller or landlord.

In turn, the owner can then read feedback after their property has been viewed, straight from the person who has viewed it.


The technology is called Find My Agent and the agency’s managing director Carl Allsopp says: “We are excited to bring the first phase of what we believe will change estate agency as we know it. It is exciting to see our idea finally come to fruition after years of planning, investing and working round the clock.”


He adds: “Our tenants and buyers will be sent the property location and the live location of their estate agent on the way to the property with the Find My Agent feature. They will receive a notification when the agent is on their way, around the corner and outside the property.  The client will have the option to make an offer or provide feedback once they have left the location of the property via a WhatsApp notification. These actions will be sent directly to the property owner.”

The agency says this technology should eliminate the uncertainty of agents turning up on time and allowing clients to keep to their tight schedules. 

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    And the next one is 'WHERE'S MY VIEWER!' for when viewers fail to show up and waste everyone's time!

  • Phil Priest

    The technology already exists with tradesmen however they are inherently renowned for not turning up on time, or even at all.
    Estate agents are different in general and are more professional on the appointments they make and attend

    I will be interested to watch it’s progress and whether it’s the Just Eat solution to the industry.

  • Andrew Stanton CEO Proptech-PR    Proptech Real Estate Influencer

    Does this mean a 'buyer' can make an offer - and the vendor then receives the offer. But, the buyer has not be qualified in terms of ability to proceed, etc.

    So, potentially the vendor receives a bid at 750k full asking price, only to be told later by the agent that the 'buyer' has a property to sell not yet on the market.

    Also, is the viewing feed-back going to non-filtered? I ask this because honesty may be the best policy, but if the vendor is offended by the brutal reality that their lovely cottage smells of damp and the 40-year old bathroom needs to be ripped out - it could make the vendor want to change agents. Sometimes a more tactful - it was not for them - keeps all parties happy.

    Maybe the agent could trial the vendor and the viewer swapping each others mobile numbers and emails, this would speed things up? From experience that would be an interesting whit knuckle roller-coaster ride …

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    Good grief, have they really spent money on THIS?!!


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