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Rightmove beefs up cybersecurity with new PropTech platform

Rightmove has taken steps to improve its email security and accuracy through the adoption of what has been called a “machine intelligent email security platform.”

As part of its wider cybersecurity strategy, Rightmove was looking for a robust solution that would prevent data loss caused by human error. 

By applying machine intelligence to historical email data, the new platform - from IT company Tessian - learns the relationships between employees and their email contacts, both internal and external. 

It understands normal email communication patterns, and therefore can automatically detect unusual activity. 

The machine intelligence uses two filters - one prevents emails being sent to the wrong person through inadvertent human error, and the other identifies and stops highly sensitive emails being deliberately sent to unauthorised personal email accounts.

“We needed a solution that would thoroughly manage our outgoing emails without significant disruption to our employees and customers” says David Cray, head of customer experience and product development at Rightmove. 

He says the chosen platform “causes minimum disruption to staff whilst reinforcing our internal data security policies and training” and adds: “This tool is an important part of our overall security strategy and one solution that Rightmove employees can easily engage with to help keep them and the business safe from human error.”

“Email is still one of the biggest security concerns for many organisations and will be for a long time to come. All businesses use email, and no one is exempt from human error or potential internal misconduct. In fact, a misdirected email could lead to significant data loss, a serious breach, damage to the business’ reputation and financial penalties” according to Tim Sadler, chief executive and co-founder of Tessian.


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