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Great estate agents inspire England to victory! - Our big match review

The dream goes on, and as England eases into the World Cup semi-finals, our agents’ reviews of their games continue - and here we have another cracker, analysing the win against Sweden.

Our latest pundit is the ever-popular Kristjan Byfield, well known to many in the agency world as the co-founder of base property specialists in east London and the man behind The Depositary, a soon-to-be-launched software company aiming to bring greater transparency to regulatory compliance across the sector.

Some may also remember Kristjan for his Viking dress sense at The ESTAS and other industry occasions...but there is no doubting who he is rooting for in World Cup 2018. He penned this review yesterday, the morning after the victorious afternoon before.


Watch out for another agent’s review on Thursday as England go onward and upward!

"Watching the England match back again this morning, free of the nerves and emotions of yesterday and the unpredictable results that has been the hallmark of this amazing World Cup, I couldn't help but think what a comfortable match it was.

"What also struck me, however, was how England and Southgate's managerial approach, have clearly been inspired by some of our industry's finest operations. Don't believe me? Well...

"Let's look first at Sweden. Their slow and steady pace, seemingly waiting for opportunities and goals to materialise, reminded me of those apathetic agents out there who don't manage leads effectively. 

"Letting some enquiries slip through their fingers unanswered and registered applicants go un-nurtured was imitated by Sweden's lack of imagination and incisive runs. A turgid mid-field, the heart of an operation and its wheel-house, of those agents refusing to understanding the value of PropTech in delivering effective service whilst applying some imagination and creativity to their value. 

"As for defence, well, that's a combination of compliance and customer service - the two underpinnings to any great agency and, in my belief, the linch pins to whether an agency can survive and thrive long term and in tougher markets.

"England, on the other hand, seemed to have it all. Their overall activity around the pitch, epitomised by Sterling's darting runs (even if fruitless) resembled the tenacity of a hungry team of negotiators. Working hard to create opportunities, exploring every opportunity, creating opportunities with darting runs that others may have not have seized upon. Driven by individual desire to achieve, but happy to see the team succeed as a whole. 

"The midfield, the all important operation linking the safety of defence with the emerging creativity of attack, represents the agencies understanding the value of the right proptech in their business. 

"To get to where they are now, they've done hours of training and tried all sorts of approaches, configurations, and manoeuvres- sometimes imitating other great teams but soon realising that they have to pick the the solutions that match their style, delivery and ethos. What’s more, not just go for the solutions which are the 'game standard' but to be brave and innovate where they see fit. 

"Then you have the mighty defence. The matters of compliance and customer service are both essential in the defence of any agency both in terms of reputation and legally. 

"However, what England have gleaned from our industry, is the effective implementation of this can not only pull off remarkable saves, manoeuvering alongside the quick witted Swedish attack to create new laws and regulations for us to react to, but effective and industry-leading compliance and customer service can actually pivot in to an attacking position, dazzling clients with our professionalism and 'can do attitude' to score a goal- when others are more expected to do so.

"So there you have it. No longer are we the whipping boy of the media but must stand up and take pride in inspiring Gareth and the boys to play exciting, all round football that really could see them 'bring it home'!"


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