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Countrywide short-listed for 'best employee benefits' award

Countrywide is one of three organisations short-listed for a prestigious ‘Employee Benefits of the Year’ award.

The award celebrates in-house staff benefits teams “that help to drive an organisation’s business strategy, as well as meet its human resources goals.”

Even during Countrywide’s troubled recent past, the organisation has been praised within wider industry circles for its benefit policies.


Last autumn Neil Goodwin,  whose title is Head of Reward HR at Countrywide, addressed a conference on ‘structuring a cost effective and fluid benefits strategy’.

Countrywide is in the top three for the new award, along with engineering and science business Leidos Europe and the University of Lincoln. The winning team will be announced at the Employee Benefits Awards in the Tower of London on June 8.

Poll: Countrywide is in no position to be a model of good employment practices


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    This is utterly abhorrent! After personally experiencing the delights of Countrywide’s HR I and no doubt an abundance of other good people who were also managed out by Countrywide’s “people services” find the nomination disgraceful. The HR department is in no way there to help staff it is used as a combined team with the directors to manage people out, as a by-product potentially destroying people lives as their faces did not fit with or meet AP absurd definition of retail in what is unquestionably a property sales industry. Most of the people involved in this behaviour are still there and are no doubt now shouting from the roof tops how they never believed in AP vision. It is a common known fact that most of the good people/Estate Agents were managed out by a combination of senior directors and the HR “people services”, they should hang their heads in shame at even accepting the nomination, unfortunately however we all know they won’t because this is now what is accepted as normal double standards in today’s society.
    Interestingly the survey was in the nineties earlier this morning, however it is now around eighty, I would wager my mortgage that this change will be down to the directors instructing their subordinates to get voting, typical Countrywide tactics, it’s all smoke and mirrors right the way through the company….

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    The ironic thing is a lot of people from within this department are under notice.

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    They may well have been doing as they were told, but that does not make them any less culpable, therefore and although nobody wants to see people out of work they willingly assisted in ensuring others did...

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    This is the biggest joke ever.


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