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Revealed - what buyers should have checked on a viewing but didn't

A new survey claims to have found the five issues that prospective buyers wish they had checked out ahead of purchase but failed to do.

Most of these could or should have been done on a viewing, they admit.

A survey of 1,000 buyers conducted for interior firm Terrys Fabrics shows that only 35 per cent viewed their home for two hours or more on combined visits before purchasing their property. 

Over one in five - 22 per cent - admit they spent less than 30 minutes viewing the property they went on to buy, and 60 per cent say they spent less time viewing the property they purchased than they typically give to planning a holiday.

The study also asked what people wished they had asked or checked with the estate agent and vendor before putting in an offer.

The largest regret was not attempting to find out an estimate of how warm the property would be in winter time; in second place was a wish to have been more thorough on checking doors, windows and roof. 

Some 20 per cent - third place - was buyers wishing they had checked the plumbing and leaks by using the toilet, shower and bath; meanwhile next up was the wish that they could have discovered whether their neighbours were noisy.

Fifth, some 10 per cent of buyers wished they had undertaken a more thorough check of electrics.

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    Exactly why we should all be encouraging buyers to get good condition surveys. All those questions could have been answered!
    A good survey (not one full of caveats and exclusions) is valuable to everyone in the house buying process. It informs buyers about the condition of the property, giving them greater confidence in their buying decision, which in turn helps agents as they have more committed buyers, and helps conveyancers by avoiding ridiculous requests for building compliance certificates for 30 year old extensions!

  • Grahame Hopper

    In Scotland most of those issues are explained or covered in the compulsory "Home Report"and the sellers "property questionnaire", answers that type of question.

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    Good Man Grahame

  • David Clark

    Before we know where we are we'll be clamouring for HIPS!


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