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"Queer kiss-in" held outside agency branch by LGBT campaigners

Activists from the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender movement are reported to have staged what they called a “queer kiss-in" outside a north London estate agency. 

A report in the left-wing newspaper the Morning Star says the protest followed the agency allegedly denying a viewing on a property because the viewers were a gay couple.

The agency is not named but the protest is said to have taken place in Wood Green, north London.


The agency allegedly suggested it was acting on behalf of a client who stated he or she wanted to have a "male/female only" couple in the property. 


Defiant campaigners held hands and kissed outside the agency in protest and the Morning Star quotes an LGBT activist, Carla Ecola, as saying: “We are living in a time of housing crisis and the LGBT community have additional barriers to safe housing – insecure social networks, lack of family support, unemployment, poverty and hate crimes.

“Prejudice from estate agencies and landlords drive our community to illegal, insecure tenancy agreements in areas they do not feel safe and adds to the alarmingly higher rate of homelessness among our community.

“We support this peaceful protest in standing together against LGBT homelessness caused by the systemic oppression of our community within the housing sector and demand equality in access to safe accommodation.”

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    They could have made it a little better with their protest. Why is the letting agent taking a landlord on who clearly discriminates on the basis of sexuality as that has nothing to do whether they could pay the rent or not. Would they discriminate on the basis of ethnicity which again has nothing to do whether they could pay the rent and keep the property properly. I understand the letting agents/landlord who refuse people on housing benefit due to the fact they are not paying their own rent, but don't get it on other grounds.

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    Isn't it the LGBTQ+ community now??

    I cannot believe you left out the Q's and +'s tut tut


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