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Proptech firms team up in bid to make conveyancing faster and easier

PropTech companies Gazeal and GetMeMoving have teamed up in a partnership which they claim goes some way to meeting the government’s ambition to make the conveyancing and house moving processes quicker, easier and cheaper.

Gazeal is a lock-out product backed by title indemnity insurance; it can legally bind both buyer and seller at the point of offer and it claims to completely eradicate both gazumping and gazundering. 

The seller and buyer go ahead when they receive confirmation from Gazeal that the title is good.

GetMeMoving is a national conveyancing service which allocates an account manager to liaise between estate agents, mortgage brokers and solicitors. 

It provides an online platform allowing all parties to a transaction to see live updates and communicate with each other and claims that it is “seeing 38 per cent decreases in the time take to complete the process against the UK's average.”

It appears that the partnership means the Gazeal service can now be offered on the GetMeMoving platform.

Steve Dawkins, digital marketing and sales director of Gazeal, says his platform is keen to welcome other property professionals. 

“Due to our growth we are in a position to expand our legal panel and of course offer the Gazeal services to professionals on the GetMeMoving platform” he says.

“By creating networks of agents, brokers and conveyancers across the UK, we collectively speed up the sales and conveyancing process, offer full transparency and the highest levels of service to committed vendors and purchasers.’'

The companies claim this partnership puts them at the forefront of the Land Registry’s recently-stated ambition to dramatically improve the efficiency and transparency of conveyancing.

  • Matt Faizey

    One day one of these conveyancing revolutionaries will include the following words;

    Client focused

    Until such point introverted feathering of nests must surely be the aim.

  • icon

    Matt, I completely agree with you that we as an industry need to focus more on the customer.

    We built the company with the customer in mind and by understanding their challenges.
    From there we expanded outwards towards agents and brokers through a number of trialled, tested processes.

    The collaboration of companies brings together everything the customer needs to move successfully and in turn gives them complete control, peace of mind and assurance in their move.

    GetMeMoving are continuously developing and improving it's approach to the market and would welcome a conversation to understand your thoughts on this.

    Daniel Elliott - 07376364511

  • Rob Hailstone

    Yesterday Matt, took place the first meeting of the Home Buyers and Sellers Group. A group of stakeholders dedicated to improving the home buying and selling process (working with the Government after the recent Call for Evidence). All stakeholders were, and are, invited and many attended; conveyancers, agents, lenders, surveyors etc. Representatives from the removal industry were booked in but unfortunately, due to illness, couldn't make it. Hopefully, over the coming months progress will be made that will ultimately benefit the consumer.


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