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Agency's non-existent Zoopla membership spurs complaint

Three more complaints about agents made to the Advertising Standards Authority have been settled informally - including one concerning an agency's portal membership.

One complaint, about Somerset agency Lewis Gray, queried the accuracy of a circular distributed on behalf of the company, stating its properties were listed on Zoopla. The complainant challenged whether the claim was misleading.

"The advertiser explained it had stopped using the site and the circular had been discontinued. They assured us they had removed all the references from their marketing and website" an ASA spokesman told EAT.

In another complaint, a leaflet for Happy Sales and Lettings in Sheffield listed a number of its competitors' sold and unsold properties. Another company - 

Crucible Sales and Lettings - challenged whether the comparison details were  misleading and whether the comparison was verifiable.

"We approached the advertiser. The ad was no longer appearing but the adversiter provided assurances that it would ensure they based comparisons on objective criteria and presented them in a way that is unlikely to mislead; clearly signpost where consumers can get the information they need to verify a claim; and, ensure that information is able to be accessed easily by consumers so they are able to check the comparison for themselves" according to the ASA spokesman.

Finally a circular for an agency in the RE/Max group claimed that only “[… ] Slaven will get you the highest possible price”.

A complainant challenged whether the claim was misleading and could be substantiated.

"The advertiser gave an assurance that the claim would not be used again" says the ASA.


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