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Search firm wants conveyancers to commission more fracking reports

A Conservative commitment to allow more fracking is the trigger for conveyancers to gather yet more environmental information during the search process.

That view comes from, perhaps unsurprisingly, a search company - Searches UK - which says it is to hold a free webinar for conveyancers to discuss the issue.

In recent years, the firm claims, the public have raised concerns over the industrialisation of country land and more carbon emissions, with the government pledging to uphold environmental protections and ensure fracking profits are shared by affected communities.



“With this in mind, should solicitors now be reconsidering the environmental reports they use to protect clients? With a variety of reports on the market at competitive prices, including information on a range of environmental issues, it is easy to miss a report that could highlight environmental changes that can have a significant difference a homebuyer’s choice to buy a property” says Searches UK.

Fracking plans have been considered in some parts of the country including Yorkshire, the North West and South East of England.

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    Of course they do, as search companies cannot sell their product to anyone else.

    However, they have the wrong audience. It is bad enough conveyancers are involved with environmental contamination searches....but fracking!? Any conveyancer who thinks that is within their legal expertise is unduly widening their retainer and frankly their PI insurer should be immediately notified.

    No different than the conveyancer who accepts a client's survey. Don't. Focus on the conveyancing, not other professional areas with separate fee charging experts. Work as a team,sure, but don't encroach into areas you have no skills in.

    Mortgage companies should not lend unless they first receive a valuation AND their valuer seeks flood, fracking, energy reports , infrastructure etc.....then us conveyancers are again free to focus on the legal transmission of a legal title, free of legal defects, and free of the seller having created a legal issue.


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