More holiday home 'bans' approved in local referendums

Two more local referendums have, as expected, agreed neighbourhood plans which ban the sale of new-build homes to anyone other than those intending to live in the properties full time.

The locations are both in Cornwall and are St Minver Parishes - which includes Rock, a favoured second home location for high-end purchasers - as well as the Rame peninsula. 

The architect of the Rame peninsula neighbourhood plan, George Trubody, has also just been elected as the local councillor and has told a local radio station in the area: “In order to give local families a chance of having their own home, our first policy was - and still is - a control on future second homes on the peninsula".

Four communities in England have now adopted a similar restriction on second homes. Lynton in north Devon was first, followed a year ago by St Ives in Cornwall.

The South Hams, a district council in south Devon, has voted to back any town and parish in the district that attempts to enforce a similar ban.

After the high profile St Ives vote last spring, local estate agents went on record saying the measure led to a reduction to demand for all holiday homes, existing as well as new-build.


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