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Technology v Traditional agency debate at Future : PropTech

It’s been revealed that next month’s Future: PropTech conference will feature a debate between ‘technologists’ and ‘traditionalists’ over the future of estate agency.

Issues to be debated at the session on May 4 in central London include how agents can counter the threat of cheaper online models, how to adapt to customers changing behaviours, how agents can use tech as a competitive advantage and whether hybrid models are ‘the future’.

Speakers include Rob Symes, founder of The Outside View, a predictive analytics company that created an algorithm to predict which houses will sell in the next 180 days. That company was acquired by Rightmove last year and Symes will be speaking at the PropTech: Future conference on behalf of the portal. 


He will be joined on the ‘technologists’ side by Richard White, co-founder and chief executive of Goodlord - the tenancy platform which recently raised another £7.2m to add to its £2m funding round in 2016. The third technologist will be Matt Robinson, co-founder of Nested, the London-based estate agency that guarantees a sale price to customers.

The traditionalists are all hugely successful and experienced, and include Eric Walker, managing director of Northwood, an agent with over 25 years working in sales, lettings, investment and property management.

He will be joined by Kristjan Byfield, founder and chief executive of Base Property and a strong advocate of the new Charter for Independent Estate and Letting Agents; also present will be Alison Nunez, the former Countrywide director who is now divisional managing director at Andrews Property Group.

The session will be moderated by Estate Agent Today editor Graham Norwood; EAT’s publisher, Angels Media, is the official media partner of the conference. 

The event is a must-attend for agents who want to understand how they can leverage technology to gain a competitive advantage, improve business efficiencies and generate more profits. 

Until tomorrow, Friday, at 8pm, Future: PropTech organisers are having a Flash Sale with tickets at a £100 discount. You can register and see more details here.

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    That will be boring as hell

  • Kristjan Byfield

    It depends if you have a genuine interest in where the indutsry is heading and how full service agents can tap in to an array of technology to deliver the future of full service. This will enable agents to delight clients whilst retaining fee structure and proftability- seemingly an issue for agents big and small up and down the UK. If you are not interested in the fututre propspects of the company you own/manage/are employed by then, yeah, I guess it will be pretty dull. We are delighted to be included on this panel as we feel strongly that, as a single office agent, our voice here is important as too many agents think this level of tech and innovation is only possible in larger entities. In fact, I firmly believe the opposite to be true. Whilst larger organisations will see a greater scale of benefit over time, the ability for a company to quickly, and regularly, change tack, adapting and evolving along the way, is easiest to acheive in a small company.

  • Codi Mansbridge

    Like Kristjan said, if its your bag then it will be so interesting. I wish we could make it. Does anyone know if there will be a recording of the debate?


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