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Only 11% of sellers think face-to-face contact with an agent is key

Only one in nine customers of estate agents regard face-to-face contact as the most important element of the process to determine who they will instruct to sell their home.

A survey of some 1,000 home movers discovered that 75 per cent looked online before speaking with an agent, while 60 per cent admit to being influenced as to which company to instruct to sell by the quality of the agency’s website.

The survey, by online valuation tool ValPal - a product from Angels Media, publisher of Estate Agent Today - says only 11 per cent of movers regard face-to-face contact with an agent as being the key element in the sales process.


When asked about the quality of the internet presence of companies that they had considered instructing to sell their property, just under 31 per cent of respondents said they had regarded an agency’s website as either average or poor.

“This should be a wake-up call for all agents, online and high street. Websites are an agent’s shop window 24/7 and should capture interest as well as provide the information your customer is looking for” explains ValPal director Craig Vile. 

“If your website is not engaging or easy to navigate, consumers are the click of a mouse away to finding a competitor and when 75 per cent of people are online before even speaking to anyone, this is an all-important market” he adds.

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    So, Mr Norwood, yet another of your 'negatives' on the industry.
    Why not emphasise that nearly 90% regard face-to-face contact with an agent as the most important.
    That would seem to be pretty high?


    Because they don't. Only 11% do.

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    Silly me!


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