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Zoopla says member-agents made £15m-plus from IPO share offer

Zoopla has released details of the profit some of its agents have made from its 2014 offer to purchase shares at a 20 per cent discount - in total, agents who took advantage of the deal have made £15m.

Zoopla Property Group member agents were all offered the opportunity to buy shares at £1.76 per share in June 2014 and those that elected to were given a further opportunity to buy more shares at the same price on the first anniversary.

ZPG says that its share value has now rise to £3.76 (as of close of trading on February 1) producing a gain of 114 per cent. 

The portal group says over 7.5 million shares were purchased under the ‘member offer’ , resulting in a gain of over £15 million for those agents if they still hold those shares today. 


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