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WeListThemAll property portal says it will expand across the UK

A Scottish property portal now ‘live’ and claiming to list almost all the homes for sale north of the border, says it is to expand across the UK.


WeListThemAll uses an algorithm to search online for houses for sale and collate them into what it calls a “user-friendly, customer-focused interface.”



A statement from the portal says: “This means that all houses listed on the internet can be listed. To date, the beta version of the site is listing more than 95 per cent of all houses for sale in Scotland.” The statement also says that the “rest of UK to follow shortly.”


WLTA lists basic inventory information for free; agents can pay to upgrade the adverts and the portal offers what it describes as “a plethora of premier options to help advertisers stand out from the crowd.”


The statement says the portal represents an opportunity for smaller estate agents to do away with their own websites and “instead integrate their properties into their own area on the WeListThemAll.com website, thus potentially saving costs and hassle.”

The portal’s managing director, Fraser Mathieson, says: “House hunters looking for really comprehensive information will find it here. WeListThemAll.com brings everything together, under the one roof.”

He says a car version of the site is expected to launch later this year, with portals for hotels and financial products to follow. Each will offer “as close to 100 per cent coverage.”

You can see the portal here.

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    A ronseal name if it does what it says. Why doesn't it focus on taming Scotland first and become the top site there? Conquering England is hardly going to be a walk in the park, if at all plausible.

  • Colin Bain

    Wonder where they are scraping the properties from? Is it not illegal to scrape an estate agency properties without their permission? It is our stock that is making their website what it is...


    I seem to remember with the Houser debacle that it is not illegal, but they have to give agents the option to say they don't want them scraping their properties. I may be wrong on this though...

  • Calum Wilson

    They’re scraping content from other websites which is something that places like home.co.uk have been doing for years now and it’s almost impossible to stop.

    In terms of the legality of it, last I heard that was a grey area


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