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Countrywide completes merger of two major agency brands

The much-discussed merger of Countrywide’s John D Wood & Co with Faron Sutaria brands - with the latter’s name apparently disappearing - has now been completed.

A message on the John D Wood & Co site says the seven Faron Sutaria branches at London’s South Kensington, Earl’s Court, Sloane Square, Notting Hill, Fulham Broadway Shepherds Bush and Islington are all now part of the John D Wood & Co network. 

The merger was one of the first visible signs of Countrywide chief executive Alison Platt’s desire to see the number of separate brand names reduced, and to see an end to rival Countrywide brands competing in close proximity.





John D Wood & Co, which now has over 40 offices in London and the south of England, says it has been working with Faron Sutaria for around a year “co-marketing properties across their networks, sharing their expertise and local knowledge.” 

The John D Wood & Co website says the merger “will give customers’ properties greater exposure and reach” as well as providing clients with access to additional services such as an interior design department, corporate lettings and an international department.

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    One assumes therefore that the FS branches performances were sufficiently poor that changing the name to JDW will improve the performance? What other valid reason could there be?

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    CW are re-branding on a whole hence all the office closures over the last few months, i wouldn't be surprised if within the next couple of years it will be one brand, all previous brands be non existent and it will be known purely as Countrywide Estate Agents.
    there will also be just one main hub (Office) in an area such as Devon/Cornwall,Somerset,Dorset etc that will cover 30-40 miles radius for example. Soon enough there will no cw office on the high street just the main hub office.

    Fake Agent

    Yep, it's going that way. More likely it'll be called Countrywide Retail, the way things are going. Diversification is the name of the game, don'tcha know.

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    A perfectly reasonable evolution and possibly a succesful one as long as you have sufficient quality of people. However, therein lies the problem for CWD.

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    There is nothing wrong with the majority of people of branch level, unfortunately upward from there is the issue and has been not just since Alison's super girls took over. They just listened to the boys as they left, thought their plan would work and.........

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    unfortunatley CW are now playing catch up on the already established online agents and its failing miserably. this whole one brand that i feel is going to happen is going to be too little too late, this online stuff they want to do should of been done when the likes of purple brick started.

    Alison certainly hasn't helped things, things were going wrong before her arrival, hence her arrival but it really does say something about her vision when all the senior management are jumping ship to competitors. Branch level the staff are fine yes i agree its everyone above them that try to brain wash them to think all this is the best thing since sliced bread, well its fast showing its not.


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