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Purplebricks launches new TV and social media advertisements

Purplebricks once again used the Christmas period to launch new TV and social media advertisements. 

In one, the hybrid agency debuted Mr Wiggles - a large glove puppet - in a 40-second ad showing a ventriloquist at a childrens’ party getting angry when he recalls paying estate agents’ commission instead of choosing Purplebricks’ flat fee.

In the second, there is also anger - this time from the father of the bride giving his speech at a wedding, who accuses his new son-in-law of being a liar because he said Purplebricks was “just online”. The father of the bridge goes on to say that the firm is “a proper estate agency with real people” - but not charging commission.


Once again the word ‘commisery‘ features strongly in both ads; there are also on-screen captions covering some of the issues which landed Purplebricks in hot water this year with the Advertising Standards Authority. 

These include references to viewing services costing extra; that the flat fee is payable regardless of pay; and that the apparent saving made by using Purplebricks is against a notional high street agency commission of 1.5 per cent.

Both advertisements were extensively trailed on Twitter over the Christmas holidays.

Both ads can be seen on Purplebricks' YouTube channel here.


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