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Video and marketing bid to promote No Sale, No Fee agency model

The Guild of Property Professionals is launching a marketing campaign to promote the benefits of the No Sale, No Fee estate agency business model to consumers.

The campaign aims to educate the public about the benefits of No Sale, No Fee, highlighting that their agent will want the same thing as the owner - to sell the property. 

Agents with a commission-based fee structure aren’t paid until they get results, meaning their priority is the same as the homeowners.


“There has been a rise in the number of DIY packages with up-front fees available to consumers, but no-one has truly explained the pros and cons of each service, so we want to educate the public about the different options that are available” explains Iain McKenzie, chief executive of The Guild.

“We strongly recommend the high-street option of No Sale, No fee to ensure that the seller gets the best service and best price for their home in the shortest possible time.”

In a wider marketing campaign next year, the Guild will explain the pricing structure of the DIY model, where fees are usually paid up-front, regardless of sale. It will then outline the No Sale, No Fee option favoured by high-street estate agents, including Guild members, where money is only exchanged after a successful sale.

The organisation will provide its member agents with new tools to promote the concept next year; in the meantime it has created this video which it is promoting online.

  • icon

    How will consumer know about it? Are they going to spend £10mil in advertising to the same consumer hypnotised by Purplebricks marketing?
    I hope this video won’t be used for that...

  • Welsh  Cynic

    Good to see one of the large marketing organisations taking positive steps to support Real Estate Agents.

  • David Bennett

    Estate agents are so bad at telling the World what they do and how hard they work, particularly behind the scenes. Jo Public just think estate agents take some pics, stick an advert in the paper or on Rightmove and cream off a fat %, for doing very little. That is the perception and yet we know this is not the case, but Purple Bricks et all are feeding off this assumption and doing rather well from it. It takes The Guild to promote the traditional estate agent and 'no sale fee' - we only get paid if a sale goes through, so we want the same thing - a sale.


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