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Dismember me this way: your final Halloween pics and videos

As ours attentions turn from pumpkins to bonfires, a final thank you from all of us at Estate Agent Today for the terrific photographs sent in of your offices and staff. You’re clearly a fangtastic bunch.

Our final photograph comes from Trident Properties at Eastbourne - many thanks to lettings manager Sarah Weston for the splendid image, and judging from the wall decorations your agency has a great presence on the web.

Dismember me this way: your final Halloween pics and videos

And a shout-out to Carla Bradman, the excellent head of marketing at London agency Johns & Co. 

By remarkable coincidence her agency has taken on the spookiest-of-spooky properties - 666 Mortem Lane, where many an agent fears to tread but which Johns & Co takes in its stride, as this listing on the firm’s website shows. 

Note the Open House has now ended...the open graves, on the other hand...you can see the listing here.

And if that’s not scary enough, just look what’s happened to the previously-good people at The Lettings Hub in Peterborough - remember when they were smooth, handsome, sophisticated, and didn’t have claws and random body parts missing? 

Thanks to marketing exec Jane Richards for letting us see what the staff are like now. You have been warned...


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