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Agency support firm valued at £11m seeks additional investment

A firm that sells homes but also creates operating platforms for other agencies to break into the industry is seeking £450,000 through a crowdfunding appeal. 

Agent House, which brands itself as "the Uber of property", says its Operational System and Platform empowers professionals "to grow without hassle."

Estate agencies buy a license from £49 a month for the OSP which, according to Agent House, allows agents to then "focus on building their reputation, sales and client portfolio, rather than on administration."


The company also lists, sells and lets property and its website claims it is valued at £10.8m, before the new £450,000 sought-after funds. The company also has a property buying arm. 

It is advertising on crowdfunding site Seedrs for the new investment in return for four per cent of the equity in the company. To date it has raised under 15 per cent of its total.

The company has two offices in London and one in Manchester; most of its listings are for London, including several developments in central areas of the capital.

These are the details given in the 'About Us' section of the agency's website:

"At Agent House you will only find the best people in business and reward efforts that produce exceptional results. We believe in the business partnerships of our firm’s success and in providing the support and resources our agents need so they can dedicate their time and energy to the goal of growing and preserving our clients’ wealth.

"We provide an environment where smart ideas flourish. We look at challenges through our clients’ eyes, collaborate across all areas of our organisation and leverage our deep industry expertise and thought leadership to meet our clients’ needs and build long-lasting relationships.

"Agent House believe in giving back to the local community. We take our role seriously and have only begun our intentions and efforts to apply our skills and knowledge to help improve our communities and the lives of individuals within them.

"We are proud sponsors of young families and single mums and their children in times of crisis through a small independent non profit charity organisation.

"We are your PERSONAL property experts!"

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    What a LOAD of Meaningless WAFFLE (On their web-site - as per above)

    5 Paragraphs without saying what they ''actually'' do.


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    EAT-that is a misleading headline. Valued at £11m - by whom? By themselves obviously. Can we see the calculations? Three offices, mostly London properties, mostly new developments in Central London
    maybe value total £100,000 on a good day? I usually overvalue - due to my training!


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