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Agency risks losing instruction after speaking out on Boris Johnson 'joke'

Westcountry estate agency Wilkinson Grant is standing  by its opposition to a ‘joke’ about dead bodies made by Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson - even though it may cost the firm an instruction.


Yesterday morning the Exeter-based agency retweeted a message from Labour MP Chukka Umunna.



Umunna’s message was referring to Boris Johnson who, the evening before, had made a public ‘joke’ suggesting that a Libyan city could be as successful as Dubai once they “clear the dead bodies away.” 


Umunna tweeted: “This man is not fit to represent our country. He should be dismissed from his post - no ifs, no buts.”  The corporate Wilkinson Grant Twitter account retweeted the Labour MP’s message adding: “Without question! Such an offensive remark. Not in the least bit funny. Anyone with an ounce of humanity should have got up and walked out.”


Shortly afterwards WG also retweeted a BBC News tweet about Johnson’s comment. On this occasion the Wilkinson Grant account added: “Shameful comment. The man should not be representing this country - at home or abroad!”

Some hours later a Twitter account in the name of Roger White - his profile says he is the director of a west country vineyard - tweeted at Wilkinson Grant: “Well I won’t be selling my house through your company in future after partisan political comments like this.”

Wilkinson Grant stood by its principles and retweeted the criticism, adding: “Sorry to hear that Roger. We support anyone who helps to make the world a better place but Boris’s ‘joke’ was anything but.”

  • Daniel Latto

    There's always one person isn't there (in this case Roger White).

    But is this really news ? I'm pretty sure this sort of thing happens every day !

  • Simon Whale

    Totally support Wilkinson Grant on this. Completely inappropriate comments from Boris that shouldn’t be allowed to go uncriticised.

    And you can either have bland social media with a lack of personality and zero engagement or engage , the clues in ‘social’

  • icon

    Now that the world is covered in twits who tweet, must everyone feel the need to be the moral police? How about just sticking to your job, and selling property WG.



  • icon

    So a guy who isn't selling his house has said he's not going to use a certain estate agent if he does ever sell his house. Righto.

  • Kevin  Hand

    Calling an imbecile unfit to hold the office that he currently holds is not Partisan Politics.
    Mr Johnston's remarks are in poor taste and I am regularly embarrassed that my Government employs this serial opprobrium.
    Mr White will, no doubt, not be watching any BBC programmes either after its comments regarding the tweet?


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