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Vendor 'makes £67,500' by using traditional estate agent

A high street agency has turned the online sector’s advertising technique on its head.

Instead of a seller revealing ‘saved’ fees by avoiding an ‘old school’ agent, a vendor has gone public explaining how she made £67,500 by going down the traditional route.

An advertorial from Weekes estate agency in Exeter, published by the local Express & Echo newspaper, shows a photograph of the firm’s agent Tony McGee and a seller called Harriet, who was initially attempting to sell her property privately.


"I recently sold my property to an investment buyer that I found from talking to other investors in my road" Harriet explained in the newspaper. "We exchanged solicitors’ details and I was really doing well, with no agency fees. My builder suggested I speak to an agent for advice, just to be on the safe side” she says.

"Tony came over and gave me a valuation, which was wildly in excess of the price I had agreed. Curious as to whether he could get that ... I instructed him to sell the property and within two weeks he had secured three offers, and two of those were over his valuation.”

"At the end of the process I wrote to the manager of Weekes thanking him and Tony and explained that if I has gone down the original course I would have been out of pocket to the tune of £67,500” Harriet continues.

"In the end I had to pay the agency fee that I was trying hard to avoid but do you know what? It was worth every penny. I'm quids in and can't thank Tony enough."

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    I'm clearly missing something, I don't see what selling your property to a personally introduced private investor has to do with the online sector.

  • Colin Bain

    She had no online advertising, no idea on what price to pitch (that an online agent would have given her) - a NON STORY

  • icon

    Isn't more the point of this story that a high street agency has taken the bull by the horns and turned online agents' advertising spiel on its head? Something which people have been suggesting for months....

  • Peter Wright

    This is all about the spiel. It’s about lower fees being better. Oh the commisery... in this case the story is saying any fee is worth paying.


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