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Independent estate and letting agents invited to back new trade body

A new organisation may be on the verge of being set up for independent agencies.

The Charter for Independent Estate and Letting Agents has a website with an announcement that next week a preliminary meeting will be held in London - for “a hand-picked selection of owner-managers” - to consider the proposal.

The announcement says that if support for the proposal is forthcoming the organisation will be officially launched on March 1.


There would then be a structure of 12 regional, 76 county and 22 London borough seats.

Here is the full announcement:

On 18th January 2017 at the Royal Aeronautical Society Headquarters in London, a hand-picked selection of owner-managers of outstanding 1 or 2 office independent Estate and Lettings agents from around the country has been invited to attend a briefing on the possibility of becoming Lifetime Founder Members of the first ever national organisation to be formed specifically and exclusively for the benefit and promotion of all independent estate agents. If appointed, they will form part of the initial Committee that will decide matters affecting the club and its members in the future.

Provided that the required support is forthcoming, the organisation will be officially formed on 1st March 2017, after which time the Founder Members will be announced and we will be inviting applications for leadership of the 12 Regional and 76 County and 22 London Borough seats. The Regional positions will have seats at the Club Committee where their regions’ members can be represented.

Further announcements are to be made on the CIELA website - here - and the organisers are seeking expressions of interest or support to be sent to the club secretary.

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    Could be a good thing if only to make the existing bodies up their game and output. I'm sure most small agencies will need to know more about the background and nuts and bolts of how it's going to work before getting behind it. There is an element of 'fingers burnt' with the AM episode, so members will need to know it's being set up for the right reasons and that they will actually benefit from the things they are promised in the initial stages.


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