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TV ad campaign "just the beginning" of Savills marketing drive

Viewers of ITV’s prime-time drama Victoria will have noticed last evening that another estate agency has started to advertise on TV - this time it’s Savills.

Back in March the agency’s head of consumer marketing, Alison Dean, told Estate Agent Today that she was considering a number of film-based promotional activities for the company. Now it appears TV has been chosen. 

Conceived and executed by creative agency isobel, the campaign kicked off last evening with two TV adverts – House Unfaithful and Mancave – to celebrate peoples’ relationships with their homes at different life stages. 


These two 30” ads will run for a period of eight weeks.

In addition to the TV spots, isobel has created numerous print and digital elements, designed to showcase - in the words of Savills’ press release - “the firm’s in-depth market knowledge, UK wide coverage, an international network, and exceptional negotiating skills.”

“We are incredibly ambitious for the business and recognise the need to be nimble in a changing market. Our new campaign is a key part of driving future success, using an approach that is tried and tested in other retail and service sectors. We are out to challenge both the status quo in the market and preconceived ideas of who and what Savills is. The TV commercials are just the beginning” promises Dean.

Over the summer Savills - which now invests in online agency YOPA as well as operating its traditional high-end branch-based agency - recruited Fiona Stewart, formerly head of marketing and communications at Strutt & Parker, to become Director, International Marketing and Strategic Projects.

  • Terence Dicks

    So now Savills are running an ad promoting Yopa telling everyone that traditional estate agents are charging too much, and also an ad promoting themselves as a traditional estate that charges too much. Go figure.

    Trevor Mealham

    I hear Ground £zero cost agents are enroute. Maybe their pitch will be save £hundreds on listers fees such as YOPA, Purple Blocks, easyHome, eeMove, Thepilo and Simple House.

    I'm looking forward to Ground Zero when budget agencies only have RM and Z to offer whereby the WHICH survey shows only 4 in 10 homes seen on main portals get brought.

    Agents looking to drop their pant's, best have eyes in the back of their heads as the race to the bottom is becoming funnier by the day. I wonder if Mr Whippy will start selling 99's at 89p next year.

    Its time for agents to support one another and charge decent fees. IT'S NOT HARD

  • icon

    You have to ask yourself why suddenly agents are spending more money on advertising. Zoopla are reporting record earnings and nobody seems to realise what this really means.
    Its because business is at its lowest in years and every agent who can afford to is spending money on marketing in the hope it will bring business......... it wont.

  • Rookie Landlord

    Does Savills really need to advertise?


    You do when sales are down around 70%

    Jon  Tarrey

    Are they? They've kept that quiet. I know the prime market, particularly in London, has taken a battering in recent months - worsened by the build-up and aftermath of Brexit - but I didn't realise they were in quite such dire straits. I suppose, though, property selling is only one branch of their operations these days, so how much impact all this has on their overall profits is less clear.

    Trevor Mealham

    They need to market the right message. The Savills brand is high brow. Maybe they feel YOPA isn't their marketplace and enters the into a new market place.

    Maybe some of those high end clients will want silk purses for clothe prices. All weve heard is that Savills have invested in a cheap model. What were not hearing is why Savills is now any different.

    Estate agency is getting funnier by the day. Left arm, right arm. What must Joe Seller be thinking.

  • icon

    Its around that, my old office is down around that and a few friends who work in various other branches for different firms have been reporting the same (this is London I am referring to).
    I am constantly seeing properties that i valued at the beginning of the year being relisted with different agents and not selling.
    Its far worse than what is being reported and I wont be surprised to see some negative events happening towards the end of the year :s

  • Trevor Mealham

    So Dan. You're saying sales down, and money into providing a competitor service at much lower cost. Hysterical.

    Maybe Bentley or Rolls will invest in a new car type and call the company Ladaa or Skooda. Or the black cab drivers invest in a new transport company and call it UBOR


    well yes, you have to be blind not to see the market has just crashed.. that or just in denial.
    as for your bentley comment. Well Bentley and Skoda are owned by VW ;-)


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