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Google research shows US users spend 55 minutes on property apps

The results of some interesting research have been revealed - applying to the United States but possibly indicative of how property apps may be used here, too.

Google research shows that people in the US with real estate apps on their mobile telephones spend an average of 55 minutes on them each time they visit.

The figure - given to a San Francisco conference by Google and reported on the USA Today-owned website AzCentral - is based on results of 1,000 individual  interviews, several dozen surveys and “many hours of behavioral tracking” through online trackers.

Some 69 per cent of those surveyed said “shopping for real estate was fun” on their phone and online; 64 per cent kept checking property apps even after their purchase or rental of a new home.

Google told the conference that in the US, people start searching real estate sites an average of three years before they buy and that at any one time only one in five people using property apps and websites are actually in the market to buy a home.

Meanwhile in the UK, the data analysis service Similar Web says visits to the top 25 UK online retail sites - none of them property-related - dropped by nearly four per cent between the first and second quarters of this year. Only six of the top 25 saw any kind of increase.

  • icon

    As they say on the last leg i call *Bullsh!t*


    The 55 min claim certainly does!

    However this one seems more realistic:

    'only one in five people using property apps and websites are actually in the market to buy a home.'

  • Fake Agent

    I can't believe they'd spend 55 minutes per visit, but I can believe - if you were actively looking for a home - that there might a few times a week where you spend an hour here and there searching for property. It's certainly not beyond the realms of possibility.


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