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Four new branches open for the 'original' hybrid estate agency

EweMove Sales and Lettings, which describes itself as the UK's first hybrid estate agency, has opened four new branches, taking its network up to 94. 

The openings are across the entire country - Barnstaple in Devon, Reading in Berkshire, Streatham in London and Aberdeen in Scotland - and take the number of branches opened in 2016 to 21. EweMove launched in 2014.

“These latest offerings are just a part of our ongoing plans for growth with another four branches scheduled for launch next month.  Not only that, we have firm commitments to open up additional branches during the remainder of 2016 taking us past the 100 branch mark and plan to open up at least 30 more during 2017” according to Glenn Ackroyd, co-founder and ‘Head Shepherd’ at EweMove.

“As an agency dedicated to doing things differently, and with a strong commitment to innovation and a passion for driving change across the industry, the opportunity for our franchisees really is unrivalled” he adds.

EweMove, which has over 170 locally-based property experts, says it saw sales agreed on 59 per cent of the properties it first listed during the first quarter of 2016, with 44 per cent of these sales also completing within the subsequent three months.

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    Four more dining room tables or spare bedrooms being utilised. Super!

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    Whatever you think of this model, 94 branches is quite impressive. Unless they are the above ^^ of course.

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    From my understanding the majority are 1 man / women bedroom agents. If that is the case does that mean the two members of staff i have employed in the last month count as two new offices?

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    Just because they are 1 person operations doesn't mean there isn't a place for them and before you say it I work for a traditional agent. The hybrid agent approach is growing whether we like it or not 94 is a very good effort in 2 years. well done Glenn

    Glenn Ackroyd

    Hi Michael,

    Many thanks for the comment.

    The reality is that the model is now proven as evidenced by the 'big boys' moving into this space.

    We're also evolved beyond just 'one-man bands'. We have many operations running offices, or multiple offers - And we now have well over 100 people in the network, working alongside our franchisees.

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    Well guess its easy to impress you. You probably fall into the mindset of people they are looking to market to. Throw a few big numbers out to confuse people.

    The thought of my estate agent working from an arm chair while watching 'Loose Women' fitting appointments in around the school run and cooking dinner would not inspire me with confidence. (usually a reason people do Hybrid).

    Would also be interested what the average £ a bedroom agent makes after removing the 1 or 2 exceptional ones (with real branches / serviced offices). Also be interesting to see retention rate after 3 years.

    I am sure very profitable for the group, Cheers for the start up money, here is your license, oh and dont worry if you do not sell too much as cost us nothing to have you associated - By the way we will take our % or monthly retainer....

    So in that respect well done.

  • Phil Hathway

    I just managed to find 3 of their "offices" on RM and they had, on average, around 10 sale instructions each!?

  • John Evans

    opened four new branches??? I thought a branch is a term for a physical shop or office. Shouldn't it be welcomes four new staff members?

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    Amuses me how many bold statements 'Ewe Move' make. Their website claims they are the only estate agents in the country who offer No Sale-No Fee. I know plenty of agents who offer this without a tie in period. Hardly revolutionary! Original Hybrid agency? Rubbish! Other agents have been using this model for years; Hatched etc. I would also dispute their use of the word 'property expert'. An expert is not someone who has been on a weeks training course and paid a large franchise fee. Experts have experience. I don't mind any company promoting themselves. What I don't like is when there are inaccuracies and false statements.

    Glenn Ackroyd

    Hi Border Collie,

    Our 'Happy Sale Guarantee' is not 'No sale - no fee' which agents up and down the land use.

    It is based on these principles
    1) You can cancel at ANY TIME if you're not happy - so there is no long term initial period, or ridiculous 28 day cancellation period
    2) If we don't sell, you don't pay (not radical, I know)
    3) If you leave, (at any time), we won't charge you a thing

    So the big thing there is no tie in period.

    Does your agency do this? Show me the link...

    Glenn Ackroyd

    Re "Other agents have been using this model for years; Hatched etc. "

    We started out in 2010 - Launched the franchise in 2014 after pilot in 2013.

    "I would also dispute their use of the word 'property expert'. An expert is not someone who has been on a weeks training course and paid a large franchise fee. Experts have experience. I don't mind any company promoting themselves. What I don't like is when there are inaccuracies and false statements."

    We don't just do a weeks training course....
    1) Pre-training access to our 'Eweniversity.co.uk' training course. This has video, presentation, downloads, Soundwave download audio
    2) 1 weeks initial training
    3) 1 day per month 'Success Summit' training
    4) Bi-weekly 1 hour video webinars
    5) Over 40 x 1 day business training days on specialist topics (run by 3rd party experts) on areas like accounting, business planning, marketing etc
    6) Online ewetube training video vault
    7) Online forum
    8) Weekly local business boost 1:1 meetings for franchisees
    9) 5 day dedicated franchise and marketing support team
    10) Dedicated in-house pay per click management team

    How does that compare to the training that your company provides?

    And re 'experience' - agents talk all the time about experience. All that matters is service deliverability. That's what a customer wants. So what an agent things matters not one jot.

    Our franchisees work really hard - nights, weekends because they're passionate and focussed. That shines through in the reviews they get. They're number 1 in the UK on trustpilot and we're so proud of our franchisees achievements.

    They may not be time served, but when it comes to customer service, they are incredible.

  • Glenn Ackroyd

    Hi Smile Please,

    When we first launched we were pilloried by people with inward looking ideas mocking us for not having offices.

    3 years on and the debate is not whether hybrid has a future, but can the existing world of estate agency survive with a high street model.

    Take a look at what the 'big boys' are doing now;
    - Countrywide - 3 hybrid pilots
    - Savilles - Bought a stake in YOPA
    - Connells, bought Hatched

    The arrogance that precedes comments about our franchisees watching loose women etc is the attitude that allows innovative companies to take the lead.

    Those loose women watchers are rated 1 by customers on trustpilot with hundreds of 5 star reviews.

    P.S. And to put the record straight, we watch 'The Great British Bake Off'

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    • J G
    • 17 August 2016 12:27 PM

    Well said Glenn. I continue with disarray and I have to say some humour, at seeing very narrow-minded comments being made regarding your efforts to change this marketplace and your business model (as well as other Hybrid models regardless of how they work). Simple fact is those that are taking so much time to plan their next "clever" response are a, running scared b, strangely not focusing on their own business, c, can’t see the future/in denial and d, running scared….. (not a typo). Short termism will never succeed. Good luck Glenn and all the other agents out there that take on the “norm”. For the record, I’m not an agent, I’m a consumer.

  • John Evans

    I wonder why there are no facebook reviews for Ewemove, maybe because they cannot manipulate them like their trustpilot ones. https://www.theguardian.com/money/2013/jan/26/fake-reviews-plague-consumer-websites

  • John Evans

    Google this: manipulate trustpilot reviews


  • John Evans

    If someone leaves a poor review, Trustpilot have to remove the review if Ewemove objects. Ewemove will always keep a few poor ones to make it all look 'real'

    Review companies should all be illegal.

  • John Evans

    Strange that Glenn Ackroyd Ewemove has gone terribly quiet, maybe he has gone to the Trustpilot Eweniversaty swotting up on how to fraudulently delete bad reviews, he is taking the Ewerine out of his customers.


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