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For Sale board ban to be widened - with agreement of some agents

A ban on agents' For Sale and To Let boards is being widened out across a city six years after a selective introduction - and at least some agencies agree with the move.

Brighton & Hove council first introduced a ban in some conservation areas in 2010, with a £1,000 penalty for agencies breaking the rules. Now the authority has extended the ban across the city. 

The Conservative councillor behind the extension, Robert Nemeth, is quoted in the Brighton Argus as saying the blanket ban was required as a “matter of urgency” because of the proliferation of boards leaving streets cluttered.

Details of the extent, timing and boundaries of the ban will be revealed in the near future, following the vote in favour taken by the full council. 

The debate amongst councillors included an allegation by one that boards had become a weapon used by “unscrupulous agents” to advertise themselves rather than the properties they had on their inventory. Another suggestion was that the boards were unsightly, especially in areas seeking economic regeneration.

The Argus says some agents agree, quoting Dan Lyons of Brighton Accommodation as stating: "I think letting boards look ugly. These days they are a little bit outdated when you have internet portals like Facebook and Twitter. It costs a fortune to make these boards and before you get them back you might have every third one vandalised.”

  • Richard Copus

    This ban is likely to spread throughout the country if we agents don't get our acts together quickly and follow the legislation. Here in the rural West Country boards are placed on roadsides hundreds of metres, and sometimes over half a mile, from the properties that are being sold, and erected by some of the most "professional" estate agents. Hardly necessary in these days of sat nav. In our main town, council verges are littered with lettings and for sale boards, often with half dozen or so grouped together. Boards are valuable to us so let's not encourage their loss.

  • icon

    Silly idea, will just push advertising cost up for agents.

    All that will happen is large stickers will be placed in windows of properties for sale.

    Boards are not a problem, rogue agents fly boarding is a problem.

    Councils do not actively seek boards that should be removed, they rely on the public to inform them.

    If you have a problem with an agent or agents flyboarding in your area just report it to the council where the boards are, they will contact the agent and force them to remove them. Streets will be cleaned up in no time.

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    • J T
    • 28 July 2016 11:46 AM

    Do boards actually generate sales or instructions in this day and age? My decision of which agent to use is not based on how many boards you have. Don't they just prompt other owners in the vicinity to go and see what the asking price is to compare to their own house? In our lettings business boards generate hardly any lets.

    I wish I could post pictures of some near me. Boards are a plague and an eyesore. Roll on the ban.

  • icon

    They are the best for gaining instructions.

    Lets say you have no interest in the property industry, and you have not moved for 5 years.

    You want to get your house valued, like most you chose 3 agents.

    Chances are you will call out the closest agent to you. and the further two you will chose because you are familiar with them. How do they become familiar too you? chances is over the years you have seen more of their boards than any other.

    As the saying goes "Boards breeds Boards"

    You are right, some are an eyesore and a vast majority are actually illegally placed (another example why they are important) - So report them.

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    • J T
    • 28 July 2016 15:43 PM

    "They are the best for gaining instructions."

    Really? For me selling a bog standard house, assuming you all list on Rightmove (which quite frankly is still the only portal we vendors really care about) it's just about a) your fee and b) the impression I get from the person who comes to do the valuation.

    The only time I think boards are useful is if you genuinely specialise in either the very top or bottom or bottom of the market.

    I think more and more people are starting to think this way. For my next sale I'll definitely be using a hybrid or even fully on-line agent to cut my costs.

  • icon

    Will be an expensive mistake JT but wish you the best of luck.

    Leave marketing and brand awareness to the experts and continue stepping over the pounds to pick up pence ;)

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    • NL W
    • 02 August 2016 10:59 AM

    Would you work for 3-6 months without being paid until the end of the transaction for £700 or less, in a highly emotional/passionate industry? Probably not. Therefore, why do you expect an ‘online’ agent to get you the best deal?


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