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Conveyancing portal claims agents can check progress of chains

A conveyancing portal claims it allows estate agents and other parties access to a property transaction to see conveyancing progress across and entire chain. 

Free2Convey says it is working with conveyancing companies to integrate case management systems which can be viewed online.

Once using the portal, a solicitor or conveyancer in a chain invites other legal professionals involved in that chain to join the service, which also provides law firms with an online deal room for collaborating with other parties on documents, Lawyer Checker's Account & Entity Screen search, and some access to the Land Registry’s Business Gateway. 


The company behind the portal, Pracctice Ltd., says development work on the portal has been going on for 18 months and it is now a live product which agents can use with options for integrating with a law firm’s case management software.

“In the next few weeks we’ll be adding further functionality meaning that law firms using [it] can securely exchange documents and information with others in the conveyancing chain, including estate agents and clients” claims a spokesman.

He says there has been “phenomenal interest” from agencies and law firms. 

  • Adrian Dunk

    This would be great and I can't believe we don't have something like this in place already. I have spoken to solicitors about this type of platform over the last couple of years but most of them have been pessimistic because they don't want to spend more time updating a portal, and some of them have doubts that solicitors who bend the truth when they haven't completed a task won't want the transparency. Brint it on I say, the customer deserves this.

  • icon

    Is this any different to the many systems conveyancers already use to update you on "Key milestones" ?

    You know the ones that are never updated until completion when all the key milestones are emailed to within an hour from "Formal instruction received" right through to "Completion"

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    Free2Convey doesn't require any additional rekeying of data by conveyancers as it will integrate seamlessly with their existing case management systems. Free2Convey is very different to systems that conveyancers already use as it displays the status of each conveyancer in a chain, not just the one that the agent is dealing with allowing agents a full view of the chain.

  • icon

    As with the predictable disaster that was Veyo, dynamic conveyancers refuse to fob clients off to silly website tick boxes.

    Instead clients are respected and personally emailed or telephoned with at least weekly updates....by the very solicitor handling the work...the actual instant decision maker who requires no sign-off from a senior colleague.

    Though a more basic point is that every law firm already has instant IT to update their clients. Been around 20 years. It is called email, but so many seem unwilling to use it at all or in a timely manner. More IT is not the solution to better client/conveyancer communication.

    A better trained human being doing the conveyancing work is the key to improving conveyancing standards/client communication.

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    Free2Convey operates as an effective tool for solicitors/conveyancers as they have information across the whole chain, upon which they may update their clients personally and regularly. As an online portal it works better than email since all the information is available in one efficient view rather than depending on trails of emails up and down the chain, which is where the process falls down.


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