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'Original' hybrid estate agency claims record sales and completions

The agency which describes itself as the UK’s first hybrid - EweMove - is claiming a record quarter of property sales and completions, despite uncertainty in the run-up to Thursday’s EU Referendum vote.

EweMove saw sales agreed on 59 per cent of the properties it first listed during the first quarter of 2016, with 44 per cent of these sales also completing within the subsequent three months.

Based on a hybrid franchise model involving over 170 locally-based property agents, EweMove has a national operations centre to support franchisees and promotes a ‘no sale, no fee and no tie-ins’ commitment it calls a ‘Happy Sale Guarantee’.


The firm admits that the hybrid model of estate agency has come under fire in recent months with calls for greater transparency over the time properties take to sell, and evidence that they sell at all

“There are certainly lots of cases of properties being taken off the market and relisted regularly to avoid any awkward statistics, but that’s not really a new approach for some companies. We believe in measuring successfully completed sales and not just the number of listings and have based our entire business around that” says EweMove co-founder and chief executive David Laycock.

In an indication of the rivalry going on within the online and hybrid sectors, EweMove’s other co-founder and so-called ‘Head Shepherd’ Glenn Ackroyd says: “Some agents - in particular those solely online - charge whether they sell the property or not, albeit that some have a deferred payment finance scheme where the bill can take up to a year to get to the homeowner. It’s something of a ticking time-bomb and we argue that charging to list rather than to sell takes pressure off the agent to list at the right price, actually sell and complete.”

EweMove launched in 2014. 

  • Mark Meyer

    As the director of the f actual original first Hybrid agent in the UK, I am constantly watching these 'big boy brands' take away our honestly earned mantles. Purple Bricks also have done by suggesting they were the first 24/7 agent which was also a false claim we owned. I don't really mind, it is actually funny watching them wanting these honours, but without earning them honestly as we did. Meyers Estate Agents was launched in early 2011 in my garage as 'A new breed of estate agents' the UK's first hybrid 24/7 estate agency, and we are just beginning a franchising drive now. We are just very good at what we do and breaking records year in and year out! :D Good luck to our competitors, I just wanted to put the record straight in a small wee way. Bye for now. Nothing lost here!

  • Glenn Ackroyd

    Hi Mark,

    2014 was when we launched our new franchise offering. We'd being running our central office, 24/7, local property expert model from 2010 prior to franchising. It's all well documented in 'Our Story' in our franchise pack which I'd be happy send out to you - simply email hannah@ewemove.com and we'll get one sent to you which charts our history.

    In fact, just checking your website designer, they also did our franchise brochure and know us really well. This confirms our dates, so they'll be able to verify.

    Good luck with your launch and if you come to any of the franchise shows, pop over and say hi.

  • Mark Meyer

    Hi Glen, thank you for the kind comments. I had read this article (via link http://www.thedrum.com/news/2013/06/21/national-property-group-re-brands-ewemove-brand-identity-and-website-22-group) and therefore thought that EweMove was launched in 2013 as previously to that you were running a company called The National Property Group which renamed in 2013 to Ewemove. I will have a look at your pack!!. I must have understood wrongly. No worries i hope!!. I think you guys have done an amazing job and genuinely feel that the future of agency is in this direction.
    I would like to say hi and will make sure I do when I am next at a franchise show...
    All the best and thanks for the response, Mark

  • Robin Arnold

    You guys are both winners in my mind!

    Both leading the way and inspiring others to change the industry for the better. You both had a clear vision and wanted your brand and website to stand out from the crowd and we have thoroughly enjoyed helping you do that with branding and websites created by:


    part of the http://www.22group.co.uk/

    Onwards and upwards!


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