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Online agency emoov in hot water with advertising watchdog - again

For the second time this month, the Advertising Standards Authority has had to intervene over the wording of an ad from controversial online agency emoov.

Just a fortnight ago the ASA banned an emoov ad after a complaint disputing the duration of a fee offer, a claim that the agency covered 98 per cent of UK postcodes, and a claim about how much it saved sellers. “The ad must not appear again in its current form” the authority told the agency. 

Today the authority has acted following a complaint on emoov’s website that stated:  "With 99% of advertised price achieved we get you more money for your property". 

The complainant - who cited a previous ASA case where the authority had asked the advertiser to make clear that it referred to the ‘last advertised price’ as opposed to the ‘first asking price’ - challenged whether the ad was still misleading.

On this occasion emoov accepted the complaint and, according to the ASA, “acted  promptly to amend the claim”. 

It also gave assurances that the rest of the website would reflect those changes.

“On that basis we considered the matter resolved and closed the case informally” an ASA spokesman has told Estate Agent Today.

Two weeks ago one of three complaints made against emoov involved another claim the agency made about alleged savings for customers using its services. On that occasion the agency disputed the complaint, but not to the satisfaction of the ASA.

“We considered that emoov had not demonstrated that the savings claim was representative of the amount that consumers could save by opting for emoov’s services instead of a traditional high street agent and concluded the claim was misleading and had not been substantiated” the authority said at the time. 

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    When is the ASA or NTSEAT going to take these complaints seriously? How many complaints does one firm have to have made against them before they stop getting away with informally resolved cases? Quirk may say that it's just competitors trying to bring him down...even if it is competitors, that doesn't mean that claims aren't misleading or don't have to be changed. This constant bending of the rules must be taken more seriously!

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    Wow...anytime anyone at the ASA press R in their address book when writing an email, I wonder how comes up first?



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    eMoov are just laughing their heads off. Toothless ASA.


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