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Brexiteer property chief takes swipe at agents "wringing their hands"

The director of a high-end foreign-owned estate agency in prime central London says he is surprised that so many other figures in the industry “are still standing on the starting line wringing their hands” after the Brexit vote.

David Adams, of agency John Taylor, says his Middle East clients on Friday were frustrated that they couldn’t take advantage of Sterling’s near-collapse because their banks were closed for a religious day. 

“Many Middle Eastern clients from Jordan, Saudi, Kuwait and Dubai have offered unprompted congratulations  on the outcome, which with all the doom and gloom here, I did not expect” says Adams, who says he is a Conservative supporter and who before the referendum launched a blistering attack on David Cameron. 

“All are saying that they could not understand why so many in England wanted to tie themselves to a sinking ship. They all think England, after some instability, will power ahead and are interested in doing business within what they see as a currency window, before recovery occurs. Those from the former Commonwealth I have spoken to are all partying. I have had many jubilant calls from NZ and Australia” he claims. 

“I have had concerned calls from France and Switzerland, but the concern is more for what will happening in Europe now as a result and whether more referendums will be held.  Interestingly they all think England will, after a short period of instability, do well” he adds.

“We have suddenly been all handed a major global business opportunity, the biggest in 40 years. I’m surprised so many are still standing on the starting line wringing their hands. I’m already 200 metres out of the blocks” Adams states.

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    Just what london needs more arab money buying up property further restricting availability


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