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Buyers take two seconds to make mind up about online property ads – claim

A one branch agency claims it takes prospective buyers approximately two seconds to decide whether to click on an online property advert.

Redmove, based in York, has therefore taken what it calls an 'unusual step' by employing an in-house photographer to increase the number of prospective buyers who click through to its adverts.

Julia Cornish will now look after photography and home presentation duties for the firm.


Previously Redmove had been using a range of freelance photographers which it says was proving both costly and inconsistent in terms of quality.

Since placing more of an emphasis on imagery to help market its properties, the agency says it has noticed an increase in online visitors and that they are viewing more properties.

“Homebuyers make up their mind within about two seconds whether they will click onto a property or not and so we needed to make these two seconds count,” says Michael Redmond, Redmove's director.

"We are a nation that loves to look at beautiful houses and for most people, the first point of contact with property is now through the internet. It’s not about tricking home buyers into thinking the home is better than it actually is, it’s about showing off a property in the best possible light," he says.

Cornish adds: "Everyone likes to have a nosey into other people’s houses for sale, even if they are not buying and so it’s important that it looks right."

  • Terence Dicks

    Hmmm...perhaps this is why he has only one branch. I find it amazing that he has only just realised how important good pictures are to the presentation of ANY property.


    I think you're missing the point of this article. I don't think he's just suddenly realised or else he wouldn't have been using freelance photographers or understanding that homebuyers make their minds up in around 2 seconds.

    Have you got a photographer as part of your internal team?

  • Terence Dicks

    Yes. Me. Funny that when I was first training in this industry, quite a lot of importance was put on property presentation and decent pics, and I do not see that anything has changed. I do not understand why any agency would employ a freelance photographer and increase their overheads when it is a simple thing to take good pictures. I have not missed the point of this article, I just find it pointless Laura.


    It seems to be working for Redmove anyway going from this article. Given how you agree yourself, that images are so important for selling a property, I fail to see how hiring someone professionally trained in this industry would be pointless.

  • Terence Dicks

    Increased overheads and, to be honest pictures that are no better than any competent agent would take make the exercise pointless. You are entitled to your opinion Laura, just as I am.


    You certainly are. It will be interesting to see if this has any direct impact on Redmove's sales/selling time/selling price.


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