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The Blairs' property empire expands - just before stamp duty deadline

Research by The Guardian has revealed that the Blair family’s property empire has expanded - secured just ahead of the stamp duty surcharge deadline.

The newspaper’s website says the former prime minister’s eldest son Euan, who has in the past been known to want to become an MP, is named on mortgages for four flats in the north west of England. 

Records registered at Companies House for Oldbury Residential - a firm set up by Euan Blair and his mother Cherie - appear to show that it registered a charge for four properties in the Whalley Range suburb of Manchester. The Guardian says the flats are each likely to bring in around £500 a month in rent, a total of £24,000 a year before tax.


The charge is dated 22 March 2016 - nine days before the new stamp duty surcharge came into effect.

The newspaper says the Blair family now owns at least 31 flats and 10 houses, mostly purchased since Tony Blair stood down as prime minister in 2007.

Omnia Strategy LLP, a law firm led by Cherie Blair QC, is representing the two landlords spearheading a long-running legal challenge to recent buy to let tax changes for landlords, introduced by Chancellor George Osborne.

  • Terence Dicks

    Who cares??

    Fake Agent

    The point being that Blair has milked money from every possible orifice since standing down as PM, from BTL property empires to being peace envoy for the Middle East (the very definition of irony) and making a mint from other "business interests".

    All this while he still tries to paint himself as a socialist and a carer of people.

    It's not really news, but any chance to bash Tony Blair shouldn't be missed.

    He's part of the reason, along with Thatcher's RTB, of why we have a housing crisis at the moment.

  • icon

    Precisely. Only the Guardian, apparently!


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