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Agency removes reviews from Facebook after complaint to advertising watchdog

Oystons Limited, trading as Oystons Estate Agency, has removed reviews of its service from its Facebook page after a complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority.

The agency has branches in Blackpool, Cleveley, Fleetwood and Preston.

“We received a complaint about whether six reviews, that appeared on the Facebook page for Oystons Estate Agency (four of which awarded five stars to the advertiser), were genuine and could be substantiated” says a spokesman for the ASA.

“We approached the advertiser with the concerns that had been raised. It removed the reviews, except for one, and provided evidence to demonstrate the remaining one was written by a client” he says.

The ASA says that as the other reviews had been removed “we considered that the matter had been resolved and closed the case informally on that basis.”

  • Algarve  Investor

    Oh dear. Not very bright stuff. Well done to the ASA for sorting this out.

    I'm sure this goes on plenty - fake favourable reviews being posted on websites and Facebook pages throughout the country - but it should be stamped out as much as it can be. Estate agents rely on trust and building good relationships, how can that be possible if they mislead potential clients with fake reviews?

  • icon

    Anyone else not surprised to see which family this involves?

  • icon

    Well it worked on Tripadvisor


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