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OnTheMarket 'may change name' to appeal to wider audience

In what some industry observers may see as a shrewd marketing move, OnTheMarket is believed to be considering a name change to gain a wider audience - and it appears HousyMcHouseface.com is the likely alternative. 

The portal says the now-infamous Boaty McBoatface naming exercise - undertaken recently by the Natural Environment Research Council - caught the imagination of millions and gave the organisation priceless publicity. It’s hoping the same approach could lift OTM’s profile.

The move is being considered in a ballot of the portal’s member agents in the near future. 

“So far no one has actually voted for it but we have thousands who have signed a letter of intent saying they will choose it, eventually” says a spokesman for the portal.

The aim, he says, is for OTM to be Britain’s second best known ‘McFace’ by next April Fool’s Day.*

* Happy April Fool's Day everyone... 

  • icon

    I think "On The market" delivers a record high of 5 leads per week per agent" would have been a better April fool.

  • Glenn Ackroyd

    What about; WhiteElephantMcWastedOpportunityFace

  • John Evans

    How about Zoopla have lost half their income in a year .com And the fastest growing UK property portal .co .uk ?

  • icon

    How about thanks for doing Rightmove the biggest favour ever? Hurting their main competition whilst ensuring the remaining customers are legally bound to only ever use on other portal. Right move should send you a Xmas hamper the size of a small planet. Prices continue to rise and nothing ever changed other than Rightmove becoming more emboldended .com


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