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TV Dragon's hybrid agency aims to expand across UK and overseas

Ivy Gate, the start-up hybrid estate agency which won investment from TV Dragon James Caan three years ago, has announced its latest expansion - into the Middle East.

Until now Ivy Gate has operated only in Surrey and west London.

It markets homes online but has representatives who “live and work in the local area” to assist vendors. The firm says its accompanies every viewing “where possible” and offers a bespoke service to customers with contact through their preferred system - telephone, email, text or social media for example - at times not confirmed to conventional agents’ office hours.


Back in May 2013 Ivy Gate, run by former regional managing director of Your Move’s London operation Jason Tebb, won investment from Caan’s venture capital operation, known as Hamilton Bradshaw Real Estate; HBRE’s co-founder is ‘disrupter’ Faisall Butt.

The expansion into the Middle East has been announced on Ivy Gate’s website.

The first new office will be based in Dubai, described by the firm as ”a huge global real estate market” which in 2015 saw over 50 per cent of its property purchased by those outside the Middle East region. 

The Dubai office will be run by Ryan Dougan, another ex-LSL employee.

“We will be making further announcements regarding another International launch, this time in Europe and we are actively seeking other International businesses partners to develop our brand globally. We are also seeking new franchise partners in the UK and are in active negotiations with property experts in 12 territory locations” says Ivy Gate.

  • icon

    who wants to buy in Dubai in today's CLIMATE ??? cough splutter
    do people actual read the news ???
    either a gimmick or just a someones folly
    Oil was so 2014 ......

  • Rob  Davies

    Big money agency expanding to a place where obscene wealth is seen as a virtue isn't exactly surprising, is it?

  • icon

    Doesn't always work - the bright lights of Dubai may not deliver all they promise. I remember reading about one agent that was recruiting - smith and something- that went bust not that long ago.

  • Anna  Dickson

    A bold move from Ivy Gate - I'm sure they'll feel right at home in one of the wealthiest places in the globe.


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