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New online monitor shows female agents are paid 18% less than men

An online tool created by the Government Equalities Office reveals that women working in estate agency and auctioneering in the UK are on average paid 18.2 per cent less than men. 

From next April large employers will have to reveal their gender pay and gender bonus gaps and the new tool has been introduced to measure industry-way disparities. The regulations, which will affect almost 8,000 employers with around 11m employees, are the first of their kind in the UK.

The largest pay gap measured by the GEO is in the construction and building trade supervisory sector, where the gender pay gap is 45.4 per cent, in favour of men.


The tool suggests that female employees of agencies and auctioneers now earn an average of £10.13 an hour - men, by contrast, earn an average of £12.39 per hour. This gap exists despite the fact that 60 per cent of the employees in this category are in fact women.

In the associated ‘property, housing and estate managers’ category, women earn £14.93 per hour, while men earn £17.79 per hour; women hold 41 per cent of the jobs in this group.

“Britain has the lowest gender pay gap on record, there are more women in work than ever before, more women-led businesses than ever before and there are now women on every board in the FTSE 100” claims Minister for Women and Equalities Justine Greening.

“But if we are to help women to reach their potential and eliminate the gender pay gap, we need to shine a light on our workplaces to see where there is more to do to. Employers must play their part in this too and take action to tackle the gender pay gap in their organisation” she adds. 

Last month, separate data from the Ministry for Women suggested a slightly smaller gender pay gap, alkthough at that time there was only one all-industry property category.

  • Oliver Crudgington

    I have worked in 5 different Estate Agency's in my career including the one I own now where I have 9 colleagues and I am the only male. I am also the grandson of one of the founders of one of the biggest estate agents in the country and every agency that I have worked in and know of (coorperates and independents alike) pay exactly the same basic to men and women. The disparity will be due to commision earned. I'll say the same now as I do to everyone, if you are not earning enough, work harder.


    Interesting thought that women aren't as good as earning commission as men......
    Just because you haven't experienced disparity in pay doesn't mean it doesn't happen, I know factually it happens around here in some independents.

    Jon  Tarrey

    Hmm, you make the mistake of using your own anecdotal evidence as fact. Just because you do it, and the other agencies you've worked in do it, doesn't mean everyone does.

    "The disparity will be due to commision earned. I'll say the same now as I do to everyone, if you are not earning enough, work harder."

    This sounds a bit too much like "stop complaining, stop moaning, get on with it". If earnings and hard work were related - which they very definitely aren't - lots of middle managers and corporate bigwigs would be living on the breadline. The idea that those who work the hardest get the furthest is the biggest load of baloney I've ever heard in my life.

  • icon

    I echo Olivers experience. For almost 30 years I have worked in many agencies and have owned my own for the last 17 years and at no point has there been any salaried gender difference. In fact in many cases the women I worked with were the ones to earn more in commission.

    I can't disagree with the article as I don't have the data, but it really does surprise me. The only role that is different is secretarial/admin which is predominantly female and generally don't earn commission, although when i have had these roles in my office I have paid commission to them for sales etc.


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