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Big take-up for Land Registry's property fraud alert service

Over 50,000 have signed up to the Land Registry’s property fraud alert service following a series of high-profile stories on the subject.

Last week we reported the prison sentences given to two men who attempted to sell a property that was not theirs - their scam came to light after the daughter of the property owner, herself an estate agent, spotted the listing on Rightmove.

The Land Registry says its service helps people to detect fraudulent activity on their property by sending them email alerts triggered by activities associated with the property - for example, a mortgage being taken out against it. 


The recipient can then decide whether they think the activity is suspicious and act quickly if so. The alert email tells them who to contact should they be concerned.

The alert system works for each individual applicant on up to 10 registered properties in England and Wales.  

Since 2009, the Land Registry claims to have stopped fraud worth more than £92m. 

The Registry says those most at risk are owners who let out their properties, or whose properties are empty or mortgage free. The Registry has a video to explain the service and its fraud helpline is 0300 006 7030 (Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 5pm). 

  • Algarve  Investor

    Great idea. Well done, Land Registry.

  • Daniel Roder

    This is a clever - and much-needed - move. Luckily, property fraud still seems to be quite rare, but as we saw with that story the other day it is becoming an increasing problem and can, in some cases, be difficult to ward off. It's good to see the Land Registry taking such decisive action.


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