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Women in our industry earn up to 14.3% less than men

Women in the property industry still earn between 9.4 per cent and 14.3 per cent less than their male counterparts according to government figures.  

Data from the Ministry for Women and Equalities looks at a range of categories: one is 'real estate activities' and does not involve a more detailed breakdown.

The figures show that for those activities, women in full time employment earn 9.4 per cent less; women overall in real estate, including part-time workers as well as full-timers, earn 14.3 per cent less than men.

In the construction sector women who work full time receive 10.8 per cent less and women overall - full and part time - earn 16.3 per cent less.

Nonetheless Women and Equality minister Justine Greening says the wider gender pay gap is narrowing across the wider economy. It is now 18.1 per cent, the lowest since the government survey began in 1997.

From next April the larger estate agency groups - along with all other employers of 250 or more staff - will have to publish their gender pay and gender bonus gaps.

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    At the negotiator level and above, women earn the same as men. Averages are skewed because they have taken into account filing clerks, secretarial jobs, bookkeeping etc. Nothing to be concerned about ladies.

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    quite a misleading article then if you take Hafsid's comment into account


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