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Brexit: housing minister tells both sides to "tone down the rhetoric"

Housing minister Gavin Barwell has taken to Twitter to tell those for and against Brexit to "tone down the rhetoric" that has become increasingly aggressive in recent days.

A few minutes after Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt appeared on BBC TV's Marr programme giving similar arguments, Barwell took to social media on Sunday morning to back the official government line on the latest Article 50 Brexit controversy.

This follows last week's High Court verdict stating the government should seek parliamentary endorsement of its strategy before triggering Article 50 - and sharp headlines criticising the judges concerned in tabloid newspapers the next day.


"Although verdict disappointing, it won't change outcome. If Parliament has to vote I'm very confident it will support invoking Article 50" he said in the first of four tweets on the subject.

"We may sometimes disagree with their verdicts but an independent judiciary is one of the features or a democracy not an attack on it."

"We may sometimes disagree with what they say but a free press is also one of the features of a democracy."

"We need to bring the country back together so it would be helpful if the zealots on both sides toned down the rhetoric" Barwell concluded in his final tweet.

Earlier on Sunday Barwell said he had received many emails from constituents about the referendum in the previous 48 hours.

His call for peace appeared to have fallen on deaf ears on the basis of the replies to his tweets.

  • Algarve  Investor

    Brexit has opened up a terrible can of worms. David Cameron, who has now swanned off into the sunset, is to blame for all this.

    I agree with Barwell - it's all getting very heated. But what did he expect? If the tabloids are going to come out with inflammatory, deliberately provocative front pages, and people are going to receive death threats for daring to uphold the rule of law, then of course the other side is going to have something to say about it.

    Social media is toxic in this respect. It's given everyone a voice, an opportunity to be angry, bitter and disrespectful. Keyboard warriors is a very appropriate phrase when it comes to some of these morons on Twitter and FB.


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