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Spectator columnist slams estate agents as 'like a pack of wolves'

Right-wing journalist Melissa Kite has used the columns of the weekly political magazine to accuse estate agents of being “like a pack of wolves” because of their fees.

Her piece begins with: “After a year dealing with estate agents I can only say: a plague on all their houses, except the one of mine they’re trying to sell.”

Kite spends some of the article criticising other columnists for being left wing - saying “I am not a red kite, I am a blue kite” - before discussing the challenges of living in the countryside and owning a horse. But then she returns to her experiences with agents.


She says as a group, agents “are so tiresome as to enforce all stereotypical notions about them.” 

She says she sacked one agency marketing her home for dropping the price too low and hired another in the belief it would market the house for more. However, she then hit trouble.

“As soon as I signed with the new one, they told me they would have to drop the price to what the previous agent was asking, but would not be charging me the one per cent of the previous agent - they would [instead] be charging me 1.5 per cent.”

Kite then says she sacked the second agency and returned to the first one.

“They served me notice that, as I had signed a contract with them, if this original agent now sells it, I will owe both the selling agent one per cent and them their 1.5 per cent, which they will come for, I can be assured. Like a pack of wolves.”


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