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Confirmed - vast majority of purchasers won't buy near fracking site

The result is hardly a surprise but the first survey into buyers’ intentions since recent publicity over fracking has confirmed the vast majority would not buy a home nearby. 

Over 64 per cent of those questioned in a survey admitted they would be reluctant to buy a home near a fracking site - with 43 per cent saying they were “very unlikely” to do so.

When looking into the ages of the respondents, 45 to 54 year olds were most unlikely to buy a home near a fracking site - 68 per cent - dipping a little to 59 per cent of 18 to 34 year olds. There was also a higher number of women (63 per cent) who stated that they were unlikely to buy a home near a fracking site compared to 54 per cent of men.

Conversely, when respondents were asked if they were for or against fracking if it reduced their energy bills, 32 per cent said that they were in favour of fracking in principle - however, 31 per cent of respondents stated that they were against fracking in principle even if it resulted in lower energy bills.

The age group who were most in favour of fracking if it resulted in lower energy bills were the over 55s with 36 per cent, and the age group least in favour were 35 to 44 year olds with 37 per cent. 

A thousand adults were questioned by OnePoll for House Extension Online.

  • Algarve  Investor

    Too right as well. Another ridiculously short-term, greed for greed's sake policy that completely dismissed the concerns of the local residents who will be affected by the fracking. Short-sighted, damaging, regressive - why am I not surprised with this government in place?

    Renewables are the way forward - anyone with half a brain cell can see that. If there was the will and the investment, solar, wind, tidal and other types of green energy could provide us with the power we need. We could really take a lead on this front, take the world with us. Instead, we turn to things like fracking and costly, dangerous exercises such as Hinkley Point. Fracking is only to the benefit of the companies doing the fracking, who are probably in cahoots with the government anyway.

    Why would anyone want to live near a fracking site? Once again, though, it will be the local communities being harmed by this.


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