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Bid to discover how vendors choose agents - and reject others

Property Academy is embarking on its annual Home Moving Trends Survey in a bid to find out how vendors select agents to instruct - and why they reject others. 

The survey is designed to provide insights to property professionals and hopes to match last year’s success when around 5,000 agents responded. 

The Academy says the research is about the choices that vendors and buyers make. How did they find you? Why did they choose you? And what was it like to be moved by you? 


Last year’s survey produced results which raised some eyebrows, including one showing that 28 per cent of vendors asked only one agent for a valuation, but of the 72 per cent who met with more than one agent only 18 per cent chose the agent with the lowest fee. 

Only 19 per cent of vendors sell their properties through the agent they bought through.

The organisers say the survey's accuracy and scope is reliant on the involvement of as many agents as possible across the country. All agents generating responses will receive a copy of the report; agents generating more than 40 responses will receive a copy of their own findings; and those generating more than 100 responses will receive their own findings compared with the national report.

The survey is open until November 18 and initial findings will be revealed in early December. 

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    Really interesting report last year, looking forward to seeing how the latest one compares.


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