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Record number of agents returning from OnTheMarket claims Zoopla

With the portal wars ratcheting up ahead of OnTheMarket’s first anniversary, Zoopla has revealed what it calls a “record number” of agents to have rejoined from OTM.

They include Whitehornes in south Yorkshire, Coast in Scotland, Hamilton Bowyer in Yorkshire and Pritchards in Bath. London agents returning to Zoopla include Keller Williams, Salter Rex and Haus Properties in London.

It describes this as a “record number” of returning agents.


Zoopla Property Group also says it has delivered record levels of appraisal leads to its agent members in 2015, up 42 per cent year-on-year. 

The first two weeks of 2016 has seen the leads generated across ZPG increase a further 25 per cent on the same period last year.

“Vendors and landlords are increasingly using our websites to identify and select local agents. Though our unique products we help our members win more business and in the last two weeks alone have delivered instruction leads worth over £10m in potential fees to our member agents” says ZPG spokesman Lawrence Hall.

“Any agent who is not a member of ZPG is clearly missing out on valuable instruction leads which is no doubt why we are seeing many members return and we look forward to welcoming many more back in the coming weeks and months" he says.

It has become increasingly fashionable for portals to issue testimonials from member agents. Zoopla has issued a statement of this kind from Andy Robinson at Whitehornes in Yorkshire, who says:

"ZPG have been great in welcoming us back with a seamless transition. We have found the Zoopla team to be extremely passionate, enthusiastic and knowledgeable and the level of service and, most importantly, the quantity and quality of leads generated we have received since returning has been significantly greater than the competitor we have just left. We look forward to a long lasting professional relationship with ZPG."

Earlier today OnTheMarket issued a testimonial from a spokesman for Savills, one of the challenger portal’s founding agents. It claimed Savills has received as many leads from OTM as from Zoopla, and of a better quality.

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    What a bunch of Muppets at OTM full of empty promises and then they give away places on their portal for free in return for a signature on a letter of intent that will never be activated, I bet OTM agents must be pretty p-ss-ed paying their monthly fee's whilst others that didn't supported OTM from the start get in for free, that really makes sense !!!

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    I was sure I'd heard of Keller Williams before, and yes! They were on this website defending OnTheMarket just a few weeks ago.


    So funny!!

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    Seems that Savills have not seen a drop in leads since they left Zoopla and Prime Location ??
    Everyone else must be wrong then?
    Mind you the person saying this is a non executive director of OTM as wells as a director of Savills so not sure if that has an impact on what he says...........

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    I'm all up for testimonials, I get why they're important, but surely Savills 1, can't give a testimonial for a company they part own and 2, can't have had more leads from OTM than Zoopla. I'm not a huge Zoopla fan I just can't see it. No doubt someone at Zoopla will release Savills last full year of lead levels/type and ask for them to release the same for OTM....?

  • Simon Shinerock

    I have set up a portal aimed specifically at the Quatari Royal family OTM (On The Money) :)

  • Simon Shinerock

    I just liked my own comment! Must lay down😂😂

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    I've set one up for agents who have found out that new signings to OnTheMarket are paying £50 per month when they (having invested £XX thousands) are paying £300 per month:

    OTWP (OnTheWarPath)

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    Err.............who cares? Property sells and buyers find the property they want somewhere online from one portal or other. It's like little boys willy waving!

  • Terence Dicks

    Bit bored with it really.


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