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Here's another fine mess that two burglars at an agency got into...

So how long does a visitor typically stay in an estate agency office?

Well, if it’s the case of intruders, about 15 seconds before they get spooked by an alarm going off and then....they collide with each other as they make a hasty exit.

The incident was caught on CCTV by Kingswood Estate Agents at Basildon in Essex. The video - which has since been put on the Daily Mirror website - can be seen here.

Richard Frost, a director at the estate agents, told the paper: "We came to work the next day and saw the glass everywhere. We checked the CCTV and it looked like the alarm went off and that seems to be what panicked them. They literally came in and after about 15 seconds, they got scared and left."

"They looked a bit like Laurel and Hardy bumping into each other. It seemed a bit stupid targeting here. There's nothing in here worth stealing apart from a few pens. We take everything away at night."

  • Karl Knipe

    Just looked at the footage of this, completely ridiculous. What their goal was in breaking into an estate agents is beyond me.


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